Nanotext in a pixel

SecureText™ holograms mark a significant departure from conventional technologies. Unlike dot matrix technologies in which microtext characters and images are built up from individual pixels, SecureText™  allows information to be encoded within each pixel. The visual difference is unmistakeable and makes verification of SecureText™ a rapid pass/fail operation.

Feature Scale

SecureText™ characters may be recorded in sizes ranging from .001″ to .005″ ( 25 microns to 125 microns), allowing recording of as many a 1 million characters per square inch. It is an ideal covert identification device.

Data Volume

The huge potential volume of recorded information permits the use of encryption schemes for security purposes, but can also introduce coded information such as batch numbers or distribution routing directly into the security device. Since outwardly identical SecureText™ holograms can include different hidden information, image design can be consistent and remain easily recognized by the public, even when covert tracking information varies.