Communicating desirable product attributes through the unique characteristics of holography can enhance not just the package appearance but the overall product experience. A hologram is intrinsically different from print. It can animate graphics with movement, depth, multiple views, and unique spectral and non-spectral qualities. It provides the opportunity to communicate more about the brand than print alone.

A custom hologram inherently provides a level of security and covert/forensic features can be added to heighten this if the packaging application requires.

At Pacific Holographics we don’t think you’ve “seen it all” before. We believe there are unexplored creative possibilities for holographic rendering in the packaging arena. Holographic packaging has the potential to convey a more multi-faceted dimensional embodiment of the brand values. It does more than just capture attention and capture imagination, it provides a rich experience by:

  • cutting through the “clutter” and attracting attention
  • communicating marketing messages
  • stimulating or creating rich brand impressions
  • providing tamper proofing, and authenticity assurance