About Us

Pacific Holographics was founded with the goal of building an international reputation for customer service, innovation, attention to detail, and fusing high-end security with unsurpassed design. We treat each project with the utmost discretion and are well known for honoring client relationships.

Building on more than 70 years experience in optics and holography, the technical personnel at Pacific Holographics have participated in the evolution of the hologram as a security device and have made significant contributions to the field including leading technology breakthroughs in the security industry. Our holographic labs incorporate state-of-the-art equipment for consistent mastering of the highest quality. We have engineered and manufactured our own proprietary equipment and software for generating high-level security holograms utilizing our multiple security features. This cost effective technology is in use in countries around the globe. Our OVD’s are preferred security devices for their ease of recognition, fidelity over a wide range of substrates, and single supplier security.

We have a long successful history working with foil producers, integrators, and end users on a wide range of OVD security projects. In addition to our expertise in mastering we have many years combined experience in security OVD production processes and their applications. This allows us to integrate tailored originations seamlessly into the supply chain for sophisticated and reliable web material production.